Moat Farm, Kenton, Suffolk
Moat Farm, Kenton, Suffolk

Apples from Suffolk - The Orchard

Moat Farm is a family run fruit farm that specialises in growing English eating apples, in unspoilt Suffolk countryside.

We adopt an integrated pest management policy to minimalise the use of chemicals on the fruit and are developing interplanting systems to increase biodiversity and insect and wildlife populations. The latest addition to our 26 acre farm are three friendly honey bee colonies and we are hoping for a little liquid gold by the end of the summer.

When we took over the orchard in 2005 taste was our starting point as opposed to shelf life or cosmetic appearance. 

By leaving our apples to mature on the tree longer, they develop the fantastic flavours of traditional English apples.  This may shorten the marketing period but wouldn't you rather eat delicious fruit for a shorter period than a seemingly never ending supply of blandness?  

Nearly half the orchard has been replanted in the past five years and while the main crops are still Cox’s, Russet and Gala, we have added heritage varieties that were traditionally grown in Suffolk, one of the driest counties in England.

Charles Ross, Lord Lambourne, Melrose, James Grieve and D’arcy spice, largely abandoned by big commercial growers can all be found at Moat Farm.

We store, pack, market, and deliver our apples directly to customers. We now work closely with the East of England Coop - and have found their approach so refreshingly different from any other supermarket chain.

In fact, Moat Farm apples are the “Sourced Locally" fruit found in 25 East of England Cooperative stores in Suffolk.  We also supply all the best farm shops in the area as well as good quality independent green-grocers.

Our distinctive ‘Apples From Suffolk’ boxes are a guarantee of quality local produce.

We are located at:

Moat Farm
Church Lane
IP14 6JH

Henry Dobell
t  01728 861329
m 07824 811547

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